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To my valued clients,

With over 3 decades of professional cleaning experience, I take pride in giving residential and commercial clients the exceptional service and results that only an experienced cleaner can provide.

I also want to provide help and advice, so you can get the most out of your carpet, upholstery, and window coverings, and benefit the most from our service. In this Help & Advice section, I will provide helpful information and expert advice on maintaining your carpets, upholstery, and window coverings to keep them in great shape for optimal appearance, longevity, healthfulness, and cleanliness.

I provide the following carpet care tips for you as a courtesy, but I cannot guarantee the results of do-it-yourself cleaning.

A professional cleaning specialist is your best bet for the best possible results. Please feel free to contact me with any special needs or questions. As always, I look forward to serving you!


Tips for Accidental Spills

Stay Calm!

Most accidental spots and spills on your upholstery or carpet can be resolved with no permanent damage to the fibers. More serious damage usually results from overreacting. Follow the advice below for immediate cleanup, and give me a call to walk you through other necessary spot cleaning steps.

Some upholstery and carpet fibers stain more easily than others. A stain is when a colored substance permanently binds to a textile. It is possible certain spills can permanently stain some textiles. If a spill is going to stain, it occurs almost instantly. Before you have a chance to find a towel, the damage is already done.

Tips for liquid spills

Often spills will bead up or stay on the outside of the yarns. Slowly place an absorbent towel on top of the spill. Many times the liquid will be more attracted to the towel than the textile it was spilled on. Avoid pushing a substance on the surface deeper into the fiber. The magic word is blot. Aggressive rubbing can permanently distort some textile fibers.

*Do not rinse upholstery with water unless there is a consumer spot cleaning label on the upholstered piece which states it is safe to use water. ( W or SW means safe with water.)

If the spill occurs on carpet, it is usually safe to carefully use water to rinse the residue from the fibers. Blot with an absorbent towel to remove the rinsing water.

Tips for semi-dry spills

Spills that have more substance such as foods need to be carefully scooped up first. The goal is to avoid forcing the spill deeper into the fibers. Carefully blot with an absorbent towel and then rinse with water if safe.

Tips for dry spills

Carefully scoop up excess trying to avoid working the substance deeper into fibers. Carefully dry vacuum surface spill and then gently move fibers to clean any of the spill that settled deeper into the textile.

Please call me!

I will gladly walk you through any necessary procedures that you can do yourself. There are times and situations when it is more appropriate for a trained professional to perform certain delicate procedures. We will be glad to assist you in those cases and answer any questions.

(415) 883-8874

Barry Williamson — Owner/Expert Cleaner

As always, please call me if you have any questions.

Stay Healthy!

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