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Frequently Asked Questions Answers by Barry Williamson
Owner, Barry's Professional Cleaning Service
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What method of cleaning do you use?

As a professional, I are trained in using all of the cleaning methods. I normally use the method recommended/required by the carpet manufacturer. In most cases this will be hot water extraction, also known as steam cleaning.

Can you remove pet urine spots and stains from my carpet?

Urine spot restoration can be a complicated procedure. The type of carpet and the degree of contamination greatly affects the outcome. Often, I am able to achieve very satisfactory results using new topical solutions and treatments.

Will cleaning cause my carpet to re-soil faster?

No. I use the best cleaning solutions and cleaning procedures. Our solutions are formulated to not cause residues and re-soiling; and our procedures leave no soil-attracting residue, leaving your carpet soft and clean.

Does cleaning remove the stain protection from my carpet?

No. The primary cause of loss of carpet protector is the daily foot traffic and use of the carpet. Carpet protector is a clear coating on a flexible fiber. Over time, the flexing of the carpet fibers will cause the protector to flake off.

Is it a good value to restore the carpet protection?

Yes. The fiber manufacturers put protector on the carpets to resist soiling. Protector wears off due to normal use. Restoring the protector will keep your carpets looking clean longer.

Why are your prices higher than the coupons I receive in the mail?

Carpet cleaning is not a commodity. Service, quality, and expertise will vary. In most cases you get what you pay for. I also believe in straight-forward pricing and do not have hidden charges.

Are your cleaning solutions safe for my family?

Yes. I am very aware and concerned about using the safest products in your home. At your request, I will gladly provide you with safety information about any of the products I use in your home.

How often should I have my carpets cleaned?

The carpet mills recommend annual professional cleaning for residential carpets. The other variables you should consider are the color and style of your carpet, amount of use, and any health related concerns of family members.

Does your cleaning fulfill the warranty requirements for my carpet?

Yes. The technician training, method of cleaning, equipment, and cleaning solutions all fulfill carpet warranty cleaning requirements.

Barry Williamson, Owner/Operator