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Carpet Cleaning
Santa Venetia, California
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SINCE 1989

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Master Carpet Cleaning Service in Santa Venetia, CA
A Top-Rated, Friendly Experience

Hello Santa Venetia! Since 1989, I've been providing a high level, friendly expert carpet cleaning service to my Santa Venetia clients, and surrounding communities and neighborhoods.

Santa Venetia homeowners and businesses can expect a top-level service experience — Friendly Expert Carpet Cleaning Service

Using an advanced hot water extraction system, I will achieve a superior deep cleaning. Unlike budget cleaners, our methods meet or exceed most carpet manufacturers’ specifications to maintain their new-carpet warranties. Hot Water Extraction is the gold-standard standard method, and it requires the highest amount of professional training and investment in order to deep clean your carpets. Most carpet manufacturers recommend this type of cleaning every 12-18 months.

I am highly trained and experienced in this method, and have used it successfully since 1989. And I have an extensive knowledge of practices and solutions that I have honed and improved over years of experience that help me to remove spots, stains, and restore carpet from much of the pet damage I commonly see. I've seen it all!

I always stay up-to-date on the latest industry equipment and cleaning techniques by participating in nationwide industry forums and training. For your home, I will use only the premium, most effective, and safest cleaning products available on the market — not just the generic or cheapest solutions like many budget cleaners use.

Santa Venetia! Give me a call! I'll be happy to answer questions and book a professional carpet cleaning in Santa Venetia and any surrounding cities in Marin County.

Barry Williamson — Owner / Expert Cleaner

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Barry's Offers The Following Services:

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Carpet Cleaning

Barry will clean your carpets according to carpet manufacturers’ specifications. This specified cleaning is required to keep your warranties intact. Barry uses the gold-standard of carpet cleaning methods: Hot water extraction, the method required by manufacturers of residential carpet.
We stay up to date on the latest industry equipment and cleaning techniques. For your home, we use the most effective and safest cleaning solutions available.

clean furniture upholstery
Upholstery Cleaning

Barry is skilled at deeply and effectively cleaning fine and delicate upholstery fabrics. He can safely clean cotton, rayon, wool, silk and all of the synthetic fibers. Barry will pre–test the fabric and advise you on what can be safely done and what results you can expect from the cleaning.

clean furniture upholstery
Window Coverings

Barry can thoroughly clean all fabric shades, roman shades, silhouettes, luminettes, duettes, vertiglides, and more

Barry has On-site cleaning, or pick-up and delivery, take down and reinstall.

master rug cleaning
Master Rug

Barry masterfully and carefully cleans your precious rugs. As a Certified Master Rug Cleaner, Barry performs a thorough washing process on your most precious rugs to make them look like new again and to extend their life. Barry is an expert at identifying problems, and restoring even the dirtiest area rugs back to their near-original condition, if possible.